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Noble Show Business Monte Carlo is an international entertainment company based in the Principality of Monaco. It is responsible for the conception, the design, the promotion, the production, the marketing and the organization of private and corporate events, artistic, cultural and sports activities on the French Riviera and all over the world. It proposes musicals, plays, ballet, opera and circus suitable for public and private events, indoors or outdoors, working with public or private enterprises and institutions and with anyone who wants to make their event unique and memorable.

The love of art brings the specialised company in show business, events planning and artistic management, to produce shows tailored according to the needs of the clients, paying special attention to the costumes and sets. The Artistic Director area’s main objective is to reach the top through the design and management of customized entertainment programs. Attention is given to detail and is aimed to offer something new and original. Musicians, singers, piano bar shows, live bands, comedians, television personalities, dancers, circus performers, magicians, illusionists, designers, creative or international performers, they all collaborate closely with the company to achieve original performances and visual art events of exceptionally high quality.