Princes and Princesses

  • The fascinating, exciting fairytales you knew in your childhood will no longer remain a fantasy. This time, the Prince Charming or dreamy Princess you used to dream of will not just live in your imagination. A night is coming in which all of your royal, rapturous fantasies will come to life in the fairyland that is Monte Carlo!

    Delia Grace NobleArtistic Director


The Grand Ball

Set to the theme of “Princes and Princesses”, a fairy tale event is about to take place in the Principality, inspired by the charm of Monte Carlo and Valentine’s Day romanticism. The glamour that the event holds, will put together for a night that will never be matched again, marvels of Monaco and true Love!

The Show

The Gala Dinner of The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses, will be accompanied by an extravagant show, the likes of which have never been seen before. The night will blossom in a crescendo of visual effects, fascinating dances, sublime music and top artistic performances worthy of the best musicals.

The Dress Code

By attending this undoubtedly elite event, everyone have to immerse himself into the magic of princely world. For that reason, the ladies were required to dress up in fairy dresses such as Ball Gowns and Floor Length Maxi Dresses while Gentleman can suit up in Ceremony Military Uniforms and White Tie.

5 Reasons to attend

The Grand Ball of Princess and Princesses

  • A unique event in itself that displays the magnificence and grace of Monaco
  • A Gala Dinner signed by top most Michelin-starred chef in the world
  • Lifetime experience of witnessing enthralling world class live show
  • An invitation to discover magical settings of the legendary Monte Carlo
  • Exciting experience your sweetheart at a grand ball that befits only royalty


Hotel Accommodation

To assure you a very pleasant stay, the ball organisation has arranged a limited number of special room rates for some participants. To get advantage on our preferential rates, thank you to write to booking@noblemontecarlo.mc

Salle Empire – Venue

A legendary room at the heart of the Hôtel de Paris and the Place du Casino, this has been the setting of the most spectacular evenings for the past 150 years, and will continue to host them for many years to come.

The Casino of Monte-Carlo

Monaco remains the most luxurious and finest destination of all for high rollers and the general public alike. The beautiful square of Casino de Monte-Carlo is the epitome of luxury and the glamorous beating heart of Principality.

Venue – Hotel de Paris

An iconic internationally renowned, the luxury 5 stars Hôtel de Paris in Monaco offers a very unrivalled experience in a single location: a magical experience in a legendary square and full of good establishments and activities.

Let’s make history together!

Immense sophistication, supreme elegance, and sublime magnificence are a few of the words that, in true essence, define the upcoming majestic Grand Ball on Valentine's Day in the hart of Monaco. We invite you to join the realms of Princes and Princesses and let these imposing hours take you to another world of mythical dream and majestic fancies


Options and Packages


1 person starting 19:30

€ 0 TTC

  • Welcome Cocktail
  • Michelin starred Gala Dinner
  • Ball Opening Show
  • Dance Party


1 person starting 19:30

€ 0 TTC

  • Welcome Cocktail
  • Front stage Gala Dinner
  • Ball Opening Show
  • Dance Party


For 2 persons

€ 0 TTC

  • 2 night at Hotel de Paris
  • Make-Up for the Ball evening
  • Nice-Monaco by Helicopter
  • Cocktail, Gala Dinner & Ball
  • Personalized photo session

Still thinking about attending?

A few more features

Glamorous Night

Rub shoulders with A-listers from around the world and dance with royal beauties in the midst of imperial splendor where magic, romance and music will float in the air. Distinguished guests will get a unique experience of nobility, submerged into a stunning décor and will find themselves in the heaven of Monte Carlo’s glamour.

The Event

Take the chance to declare your love for that special someone and propose on the eve of Valentine’s, surrounded by fantasy, magic, and the charisma of Monte Carlo. Witness intensely mesmerizing performances with dance, music, ballet, theatrics and will make you forget every event or every place where you may have ever been.


Success could not be achieved without the endless support of loyal partners and dedicated individuals. We are beyond grateful for the remarkable benefactions and particularly thankful for their essential commitment to the event and for bringing even more passion and enthusiasm into our team!

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