The Show

Monte Carlo in Venice will undoubtedly be the stately international event of the Venice Film Festival opening. It is all-set to be a highlight of the occasion, thanks to its superb dazzling artistic performances, which will keep the audience astonished and mesmerized during this memorable experience. The Gala Dinner of The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses, will be accompanied by an extravagant show, the likes of which have never been seen before. This long awaited stage performance will immerse the audience in an enchanting sensory experience from the moment it begins. The magic of this otherworldly event will continue to ensnare the senses through the night, till the wee hours of the morning. One after the other, artists, musicians, acrobats, dancers, and award-winning entertainers will perform in an unremitting mega-spectacle to celebrate the magnificence of Monte Carlo.

The evening promises to be chockfull of dazzling surprises, ecstatic amusement and glittering glamour accompanied by scrumptious meals and delectable wines, allowing the guests to completely immerse themselves in a inspired world of contentment. The princes and princesses of this fairy tale will indulge in festive delicacies and an exquisite gastronomic dinner paired with fine wines and then let themselves be carried on the wings of the Grand Ball. The combination of melodious music, breath-taking art, delectable food and divine beverages will stimulate all the senses, transporting the guests into an emotional and magical journey. Each tableau of the show will be an invitation to discover the uniquely magical symbols and settings of the legendary Monte Carlo. The night will blossom in a crescendo of visual effects, fascinating dances, sublime music and top artistic performances worthy of the best musicals. All these sumptuous exuberances and pomp will envelope the lucky guests in an experience where time ceases to exist.

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